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The PSA is the trade association for companies and individuals involved in the live event production industry. Our aim is to represent, improve, educate and develop the business of technical production for live events. This is achieved by pooling the knowledge of the entire industry to create a single voice for the industry and a central resource for its members.
PLASA National Rigging Certificate (NRC) First launched in 2007, the National Rigging Certificate (NRC) is a qualification designed to give riggers recognition for their skills, knowledge and expertise, and a means of demonstrating that they've attained a professional standard within their chosen rigging discipline. It provides employers and venue operators with a benchmark to use in hiring that is an appropriate, entertainment industry created qualification rather than something borrowed from
UK Rigging has an exceptional reputation for their high standard of work and attention to detail. Staff are competent, experienced and knowledgeable.
LOAD MONITORING FOR LIVE EVENTS Broadweigh delivers wireless load monitoring solutions for live events. Designed to aid rigging professionals on a daily basis, Broadweigh systems provide a clear picture of what’s happening on your rig at all times. Critical real-time data to help you do your best work, safely. Our systems are designed to be intuitive and straight-forwards to provide a clear picture of loads at any time. When we know more, we can do more. Trusted in the market for over 8 years,